RIP Tess Rothstein. Contact the MTA Board to ask for protected bike lanes in San Francisco.

Trips per week: 32891

Total trips per day in SF (walk/bike/car/train):4.2 million
Average weekday GoBike trips:5473.3
Share of all trips on GoBike:0.13%
Private car share of total trips:48.0%
Walking share of total trips:23.0%

Number of stations used last week: 163

Revenue: $253,000 last 30 days

Bikes in circulation last week: 1252

Trips per bike last week: 26.3

Rebalancing ops per week: 3283

Average distance: 5.0 miles

0-0.5mi 5477 (16.7%)
0.5-1mi 12042 (36.8%)
1-1.5mi 7910 (24.2%)
1.5-2mi 4153 (12.7%)
2-2.5mi 2126 (6.5%)
2.5mi and up 1013 (3.1%)

Average trip time: 14.0 min

0-5min 4642 (14.2%)
5-10min 11211 (34.3%)
10-15min 8158 (24.9%)
15-20min 4297 (13.1%)
20-25min 1927 (5.9%)
25-30min 973 (3.0%)
30-35min 468 (1.4%)
35min and up 1045 (3.2%)

Most Popular Stations

1164San Francisco Caltrain Station 2 (Townsend St at 4th St)
841Market St at 10th St
829Berry St at 4th St
803San Francisco Ferry Building (Harry Bridges Plaza)
686Montgomery St BART Station (Market St at 2nd St)
659Powell St BART Station (Market St at 4th St)
633Powell St BART Station (Market St at 5th St)
607Steuart St at Market St
5752nd St at Townsend St
568The Embarcadero at Sansome St

All station statistics

Trips By Supervisor District
D1102Sandra Lee Fewer
D2284Catherine Stefani
D34215Aaron Peskin
D40Gordon Mar
D52356Vallie Brown
D617440Matt Haney
D70Norman Yee
D82285Rafael Mandelman
D93550Hillary Ronen
D102489Shamann Walton
D110Ahsha SafaĆ­

Bike Share For All trips last week: 1062 (3.2% of total)

Stations out of service

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