Trips per week: 538

Emeryville Population:11671
Trips per person in SF: 14.82
Estimated trips per day in Emeryville:56000
Average weekday GoBike trips:83.7
Share of all trips on GoBike:0.15%

Number of stations used last week: 11

Revenue: $3,000 last 30 days

Bikes in circulation last week: 296

Trips per bike last week: 1.8

Rebalancing ops per week: 353

Average distance: 1.4 miles

0-0.5mi 112 (22.0%)
0.5-1mi 101 (19.8%)
1-1.5mi 64 (12.5%)
1.5-2mi 80 (15.7%)
2-2.5mi 87 (17.1%)
2.5mi and up 66 (12.9%)

Average trip time: 16.8 min

0-5min 69 (13.5%)
5-10min 98 (19.2%)
10-15min 99 (19.4%)
15-20min 94 (18.4%)
20-25min 63 (12.4%)
25-30min 36 (7.1%)
30-35min 23 (4.5%)
35min and up 28 (5.5%)

Bike Share For All trips last week: 48 (8.9% of total)

Stations out of service

Popular BS4A Stations

1247th St at San Pablo Ave 31.6%
9Doyle St at 59th St 19.1%
865th St at Hollis St 10.8%
(5 or fewer)Horton St at 40th StN/A
(5 or fewer)Emeryville Public MarketN/A
(5 or fewer)Adeline St at 40th StN/A
(5 or fewer)53rd St at Hollis StN/A
(5 or fewer)Stanford Ave at Hollis StN/A
(5 or fewer)2100 Powell StN/A
(5 or fewer)Emeryville Town HallN/A

1We couldn't find trip data for Emeryville so we are guessing based on 4.82 trips per person in SF. If you have better data for Emeryville, please share!

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